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The Common Wit

Brian and I have both spent some time working within Maine's flourishing craft beer industry. Back in early March, we were graciously given the opportunity to create a collaboration brew with our wonderful friends at Lake St. George Brewing Company in Liberty. After a couple weeks of going back and forth on which style we wanted to create, we settled on something that we thought would please just about everybody. The result is currently pouring through our tap lines as the Sterlingtown House Beer, a smooth, fragrant Belgian style wheat beer. Working alongside Maine beer legend Dan McGovern and his protege daughter Elizabeth and her husband Jeff we were able to grow our knowledge about what goes into the process and together we created the Common Wit. Aromas of coriander, orange peel and Meyer lemon peel flow strongly from this lightly hopped ale. The use of red wheat in the brewing process resulted in a unique color, not typically associated with a  Belgian style wheat beer. We encourage everyone who comes 
through our doors to give this beer a try,
we believe it is the perfect summer
thirst quencher. 
Although it is wonderfully perfect as is, we also offer a slight spin on the Common Wit, as an ode to one of our favorite European countries, we can make your wheat beer a Radler with the addition of lemonade. The combination is absolutely delicious, just wait until you try it. 

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