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Meet The Owners

To be honest, it all started with beer. Brian and I both attended school at the University of Maine in Orono where we were introduced through mutual friends in the fall of 2017. At that time, I was pursuing a bachelors degree in food science and human nutrition and Brian had received his bachelors degree in international business and began working for a local brewery. I took full advantage of this, paying him a visit during almost all of his shifts. After many pints of beer and loads of lost cribbage games, I was hooked on him. We fell for one another fast and hard and never looked back.

The following year brought a whole lot of excitement and newness as we graduated college, traveled through Europe and moved from Orono to Liberty. On September 10th, 2018 we inevitably got engaged on the windy cliffs of Dingle, Ireland, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Directly following the engagement we discussed our future over a celebratory bottle of champagne at a little pub called Murphy’s. A wedding was certainly the topic of conversation but we both knew we had some career finding to do to set us up for the future we wanted.

After our unforgettable travels through Ireland and Scotland, we returned to Liberty and resumed work; Brian at a restaurant on the Camden waterfront and myself at Lake St. George Brewing Company in Liberty. We quickly fell in love with Mid-Coast Maine and all that it had to offer. We began to chew on the idea of being in business for ourselves with hopes to contribute something to this community that we had grown so fond of. We needed an outlet for our creativity and had a desire to create something we loved, together. The internet search began for commercial opportunities in the Mid-Coast area and beyond. General stores, pizza places, pubs and bars, we perused through them all. It wasn’t until late fall of 2018 that we stumbled upon this sweet little property on the common in Union.

After many late night chats and hypothetical planning, we decided to go for it… all four of us; myself, Brian, our dog Berkley and the newly discovered baby growing in my belly. Our family was growing and we were nervous, excited and also nervous. With love and support from our friends and family, we closed on our new restaurant and home on March 15th, 2019. Throughout the months leading up to closing we spent every moment brainstorming exactly what it was that we wanted to create. We jumped around from idea to idea ultimately landing on the name Sterlingtown Public House. The name ‘Sterlingtown’ was assigned to Union when it was originally settled in 1786. With Brian’s maternal family roots stretching deep through the history of Union, we decided it was important to incorporate an element of timelessness right in our name.

Our vision is to provide a cozy place to gather for the mid-coast community, a place to foster relationships, new and old, and a place for our friends, family and neighbors to build memories and grow closer. It is our priority to place the best local beer in your hand and bring delicious and mindfully prepared food to your table, all while supporting other small businesses in Maine. We look forward to everything that the future of Sterlingtown Public House holds and we are constantly brainstorming changes and renovations to make this space a staple in our community. We are anxious to get to know everyone who walks through our door and hope to provide the best possible experience for our customers now and for years to come.

Thank you & cheers—

Brian + Jillian

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